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Hinsdale Fire Department

Fire Hall Phone: 716-557-2513

To rent the Fire Hall call Sherry Foster at 585-307-0234

Chief - Kelly Karst
1st Asst Chief - Greg Church
2nd Asst Chief - Rick Foster
3rd Asst Chief - Dave Hover

President - Sherry Foster
Vice President - Colton Miller
Treasurer - Jefff VanDeCar
Asst. Treasurer - Jill Douglas
Secretary - Erin Hitchcock
Sgt. of Arms - Vanessa Preston

About Hinsdale
"The Town of Hinsdale is located in Cattaraugus County, New York.  The town was formed in 1820 and was named after Hinsdale in New Hampshire.  Hinsdale is at the eastern border of Cattaraugus County, north-northeast of Olean.  The town of Ischua was made in 1846 from part of Hinsdale.